What We Are About

Make my Mark is a shared marketplace for a small collective of professional artists.
We have sourced a variety of quality white-label products where our original artwork may be showcased. You will find that each shop reveals the artist's aesthetic as well as any organizations they are passionate about.
Individual products that have a portion donated will be indicated in their descriptions.
When you buy from this online shop, you are actively supporting our individual art practices.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our shop. If you have any questions or are interested in joining our team, please send us an email.

Meet the contributing artists

Karen Espig

Karen is a Canadian painter working primarily in oil with the figure as her subject. You can view more of her work on her Instagram and website

Many of the products you find on this marketplace are derived from her figure paintings and travel sketches. $2 from every sale is donated to community organizations as indicated on her Awareness campaign page.

Karen is also the Make my Mark project developer. If you'd like to join the team please send her an email.

Karen's Shop

Steve Hewer

Steve is a self-taught pyrographer.  His original artwork is etched exclusively on sugar maple hardwood.

The images he produces consist of compelling architecture and landmarks from around the world, with the intention of triggering joyful memories or desires to visit.

You may view more of his arwork on his website

Steve's Shop

Ave Lycett Richardson

Ave is a self taught Pyrography artist. Pyrography is creating images with fire that consumes, illuminates, and when controlled, can be used to bring things to life .  

Ave works loves to take an image of an animal and burn it into basswood with added depth and texture making it a unique gift for any animal lover.

You will find more of her work on her Instagram page and she is featured on Steve Hewer's webpage.

Ave's Shop

Maria Di Rosa

Maria is a Canadian mixed media artist whose primary objective is to evoke happiness in the eye of the beholder. Her work is influenced by her birthplace of Italy, as well as her beloved adopted country of Canada. 

Many of the lovely products she has created for this marketplace are derived from her encaustic works and travel photographs.

You may view more of her work on her website

Maria's Shop

Awareness Campaigns

Some of the collections we feature are linked to awareness campaigns. We have created pages for these topics for your information. Where the artist is donating a portion of sales proceeds, it is indicated in the description.

At the moment our artists are raising awareness and donating to the following:

Domestic Abuse (several organizations)